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Coming soon: 4 Trosnoth articles

What’s this? An update on a dormant blog? I started this blog in 2010, but haven’t written anything recently. I wrote three articles in 2015, one in 2016, and none in 2017. Well that trend has just turned around! Throughout … Continue reading

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Exchanging Work in Progress with Mercurial

The Problem I work with other people on software projects. Sometimes it would be really handy to be able to exchange unstable work in progress with other developers, without having to commit the work as a permanent changeset in our … Continue reading

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Issue Tracker Gamification

I’ve been playing with habitrpg, which gamifies habit-setting. You have a little character with experience points, hit points and gold pieces. You earn experience and gold for achieving your habit goals. You lose hit points for failing to achieve goals. … Continue reading

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Coming Soon in Trosnoth

I recently spent 14 hours hacking on Trosnoth with a friend, and I thought I’d give you a taster of two things that are coming in Trosnoth 1.7… Neutral Zones The rules are a-changin’. People have suggested variations of this … Continue reading

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A Whole New Language

I like to dream. Occasionally I dream about what the ideal programming language would look like. Yes, I know, writing a new programming language would involve all sorts of hurdles like convincing people to adopt it, building a community around … Continue reading

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