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Trosnoth Christmas Wallpaper

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PyCon Australia 2012: Saturday

I’m currently at PyCon Australia in Hobart. As I write this, Saturday’s programme is over, and it’s been a great conference so far. A few highlights: Mark Ramm’s Keynote: Don’t waste your life on projects that are going to fail … Continue reading

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Crazy Idea: Chatting to Your Programming Language

What Is This? Today I’m writing about the embryo of a crazy idea I’ve had. It hasn’t yet passed the tests of usefulness and feasibility. I can’t yet clearly visualise what the implementation of the idea looks like. I’m writing … Continue reading

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Merging Pdf Pages

What on Earth? This post describes one method of merging the pages of two pdf documents. That is, creating an ouput file where page 1 of the output is the result of merging page 1 of each of the inputs, … Continue reading

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Pyj: Experimenting with Code Design

Introduction A few weeks ago I proposed a new concept for not-quite-OO programming. Recently I’ve been working on turning this into a reality. I haven’t written a new programming language. Rather, I’ve extended Python using import hooks. I’ve called this … Continue reading

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