Coming soon: 4 Trosnoth articles

What’s this? An update on a dormant blog? I started this blog in 2010, but haven’t written anything recently. I wrote three articles in 2015, one in 2016, and none in 2017. Well that trend has just turned around!

Throughout the month of October 2018, I plan to publish four articles about Trosnoth on this blog. I haven’t made up my mind exactly what I’ll write, but I expect there will be something about what makes Trosnoth unique, something about the underlying technologies and why we chose them, and something about some of the more interesting technical challenges we’ve had to solve. Stay tuned…

If you’ve followed this blog for a long time you’ll have seen me write about Trosnoth many times before. But for any newcomers: Trosnoth is an open source game. It’s a fast-paced territory control shooter. Intrigued? Look out for my upcoming articles to find out more.

(Or you could just browse the source code or download an installer. It’s open source after all!)

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