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Platformer Physics and Trosnoth

Reminder: in October 2018, I’m pygame.org’s artist in residence. You can ask me questions about Trosnoth, support me in my Trosnoth development, and follow this blog for articles about Trosnoth and what I’m working on. Intro to platformer physics Trosnoth … Continue reading

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Just a Moment

Last week I wrote about a couple. This week it’s a different kind of couple that I’m writing about… The resultant moment of a couple is called a torque. This is not to be confused with the term torque as … Continue reading

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“Impossible” Music

A recent discussion with a colleague reminded me of an idea I had some time back: composing non-equal-tempered music. This is not a new idea, it’s just something I’ve never delved into much before. Quick Intro to the Physics of … Continue reading

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