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One-off Biphasic Sleep Experiment

In this article I document my recent experience of one night of biphasic sleep in order to complete a project. Background I’ve read a number of articles about biphasic sleep, some claiming (a) that it can be used to achieve … Continue reading

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Sunshine Swing!

This past weekend (18 to 20 May) I was at Brisbane’s first ever Lindy Exchange. It was lots of fun! It consisted of meeting interstate and out-of-town dancers, socialising, picnicking, a trip to Dream World for those who were keen … Continue reading

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Crazy Idea: Chatting to Your Programming Language

What Is This? Today I’m writing about the embryo of a crazy idea I’ve had. It hasn’t yet passed the tests of usefulness and feasibility. I can’t yet clearly visualise what the implementation of the idea looks like. I’m writing … Continue reading

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Happy Spam: I Can Only Compliment You

There’s a phenomenon I’ve been noticing, and I’d value your comments on the best approach to take. This is what happens: I post an article to my blog. Then I wait. Then the comment moderation queue starts to get comments … Continue reading

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