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Flowchart Python

Introduction In 2006, I created Flowchart Python, a Python-based language that uses a flowchart for high-level language structure. I released it on A workmate was recently searching for something related to Python and flowcharts, and stumbled across my project. … Continue reading

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Romulus, My Window Manager

About a year ago, I wrote about making your own window manager in Python, and how to extend this to use Twisted as your window manager’s main loop. Around the time I wrote those articles, I also wrote a tiling … Continue reading

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On Factions and Fractions

Imagine a situation where a group of n people have to make a decision by simple majority. For the sake of the argument, let’s call this group of people a parliament. Now let’s consider an individual person P who is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Sqizit!

Today is exactly 2 years since my first blog post on To celebrate, here’s some highlights and history from Sqizit. Highlights 4 posts on music, including sheet music of my piano composition For Mandie. Pretty swirls in Python. Some … Continue reading

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