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Software Spotlight: Hugin

The image above is a composite image, made from 40 photos I took this weekend. I stitched them together using the open source software, Hugin. Hugin is a brilliant piece of software. I went and sat in a park and … Continue reading

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Thinking and Dancing

It’s been a fun weekend. I do love sunny days, with a cool breeze. Today I present you with some things to think about. Thanks to Melinda at &c. &c. for these most excellent links: TED talk from Meg Jay … Continue reading

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I recently read Alice in Wonderland, which contains all kinds of linguistic fun. Let me share some of the bits that I enjoyed: ‘Mine is a long and sad tale!’ said the Mouse, turning to Alice and sighing. ‘It IS … Continue reading

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Android Hardware Dvorak

I wanted to be able to type in Dvorak with the hardware keyboard of my ASUS SL-101 eeePad Slider. This involved gaining root access to my device. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find clear instructions about … Continue reading

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