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I Grieve for Mozilla

I don’t know how many of my readers have been following this, but it’s been a big thing in the tech world this past fortnight: Mozilla appointed Brendan Eich as CEO; three board members stepped down; there was outrage on … Continue reading

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The Railroad Deity

I was smiling to myself as I strode out of the train station towards work. But I slowed to a stop as a stocky young man who’d been ambling towards me hailed me. ‘Excuse me,’ he said. ‘Could you help … Continue reading

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Issue Tracker Gamification

I’ve been playing with habitrpg, which gamifies habit-setting. You have a little character with experience points, hit points and gold pieces. You earn experience and gold for achieving your habit goals. You lose hit points for failing to achieve goals. … Continue reading

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“Never acknowledge the existence of strangers.” That seems to be the unwritten rule of the rail. Making eye contact with unknowns on the platform is taboo, and heaven forbid that you should speak to a stranger on a train. It … Continue reading

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I haven’t planned anything to write about this week.  So here’s the highlights of the last few days: “Going Postal” (Terry Pratchett) performed live at the Brisbane Arts Theatre – a thoroughly enjoyable performance.  Great acting and true to the … Continue reading

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