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Reinstalling ASUS Eee PC Linux

This post is for the Googlers of the future. I’ve been fiddling with an ASUS Eee PC (701SDX) that originally came with Linux (Eee’s Xandros variant), but had had a different OS installed over the top of it. I wanted … Continue reading

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Does a DUO Pen Work in Ubuntu

I’ve recently bought a PnF DUO Tigital Tablet Pen. Basically it’s a pen and a sensor which use ultrasonics to turn your screen into a touch screen. PnF provides supporting software for Mac and Windows, but not for Linux. In … Continue reading

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Window Manager Woes

I’ve been playing around with different window managers for my Ubuntu installation.  At work in particular, I find it really useful having a tiling window manager because (a) it improves my efficiency because the keyboard shortcuts help to cut down … Continue reading

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