Pygame Artist in Residence

What’s all this?

This month, I’m’s inaugural artist in residence! The artist residency was created to celebrate the Python arts community. It’s a small grant to support me in my art practice.

In residence where?

On the internet. It’s a virtual artist residency, so throughout the month of October I’ll be residing on the internet.

What art practice?

Game development. I regularly spend time developing Trosnoth (using pygame and Python). Throughout the month of October I’ll be continuing to work on Trosnoth, but I’ll be updating you as I go.

How can I follow along?

This blog is the main place where I’ll post my updates. You can expect:

  • four blog articles about Trosnoth as previously announced
  • a few special updates on what I’m working on
  • you can ask me questions about Trosnoth and I’ll devote some time this month to answering them
  • maybe some online alpha testing of the next Trosnoth release — fill out this form if you’d like to join in
  • some kind of concluding ‘artist’s exhibition’ at the end of the month — exactly what form this takes is yet to be decided
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