Reinstalling ASUS Eee PC Linux

This post is for the Googlers of the future.

I’ve been fiddling with an ASUS Eee PC (701SDX) that originally came with Linux (Eee’s Xandros variant), but had had a different OS installed over the top of it.

I wanted to reinstall the original Eee Linux on the device, but it turns out it’s hard to find out how to do this. The two most useful resources I found were these:

In the end, the steps I followed were based on one of the posts on Metafilter.

  1. I used syslinux to make my USB drive bootable.
  2. I got EeePC 1.6 from Eee Community on SourceForge.
  3. I used UNetbootin to install the ISO on the USB drive.
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