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Trosnoth Christmas Wallpaper

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Coming Soon in Trosnoth

I recently spent 14 hours hacking on Trosnoth with a friend, and I thought I’d give you a taster of two things that are coming in Trosnoth 1.7… Neutral Zones The rules are a-changin’. People have suggested variations of this … Continue reading

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Python Window Manager, Now With Twisted

And Now for the Big Event Loop Last week I wrote about how to create a window manager in Python and posted code for a simple example window manager. The example I posted was about 260 lines long including comments. … Continue reading

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Import Graphs for Python

I was doing some Trosnoth refactoring recently, and I wanted a tool that would draw import graphs of the Trosnoth subpackages.  After a quick search of the Internet didn’t give me what I wanted, I set about to write my … Continue reading

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Mercurial Woes

Introduction I mentioned previously that the Trosnoth programmers have been looking at migrating from subversion to mercurial for source control. I took it upon myself to convert the subversion history to mercurial history as seamlessly as possible. Here I document … Continue reading

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