Trosnoth Development Priority: Simple Server Deployment

Earlier this year, a volunteer on Übertweak tried to use Trosnoth on camp, but couldn’t work out how to run and configure a Trosnoth server. In the current version of Trosnoth, the server is not shipped in any easy-to-use bundle; instead, you must run the Trosnoth server from the source code. This effectively means that you need an expert present to run a Trosnoth server. If the person on camp with the motivation to run Trosnoth does not have the required expertise, it doesn’t work.

I consider this to be a major failure in Trosnoth. Trosnoth was created many years ago for use on Übertweak. If it can’t be easily used on camp, this is a problem.

Over the weekend, we released Trosnoth 1.13.0. This was a huge milestone, incorporating many months of work and completely overhauling some Trosnoth internals.

In January, I listed some upcoming Trosnoth development priorities, and said that I hadn’t yet decided on the importance of each priority. That has now changed. Now that version 1.13.0 is released, all other development priorities are on hold until we’ve fixed this shortcoming. The aim of the next release is to make it really easy to install, configure and run your own Trosnoth server, so that people can play Trosnoth at LANs or on camps without any specific technical knowledge.

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