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PyCon Australia 2012: Saturday

I’m currently at PyCon Australia in Hobart. As I write this, Saturday’s programme is over, and it’s been a great conference so far. A few highlights: Mark Ramm’s Keynote: Don’t waste your life on projects that are going to fail … Continue reading

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Flowchart Python

Introduction In 2006, I created Flowchart Python, a Python-based language that uses a flowchart for high-level language structure. I released it on pygame.org. A workmate was recently searching for something related to Python and flowcharts, and stumbled across my project. … Continue reading

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Romulus, My Window Manager

About a year ago, I wrote about making your own window manager in Python, and how to extend this to use Twisted as your window manager’s main loop. Around the time I wrote those articles, I also wrote a tiling … Continue reading

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Something Fishy with Python ASTs

Ok, so far so good. Now comes the interesting bit.

When you parse an AST with a __future__ import, it looks as if it stores some hidden flags that suppress this error. These flags, if they exist, are … Continue reading

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Twisted + Pygame the Easy Way

I’ve put together a Python package called fibre. It provides helpers to make it easy to write asynchronous applications. It uses Twisted under the hood. I’ve also made a package called fibre.ui. It adds user interface support using pygame. One … Continue reading

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