Import Graphs for Python

I was doing some Trosnoth refactoring recently, and I wanted a tool that would draw import graphs of the Trosnoth subpackages.  After a quick search of the Internet didn’t give me what I wanted, I set about to write my own import tools.

Tool Descriptions

  • catimports FILE – accepts the name of a Python file and prints all the modules imported by that file.
  • whoimports PACKAGE [path] – searches the given path (current directory by default) for Python files which import the given python package.
  • makegroup PACKAGE – generates a graph (output as a .dot file) of the imports within the given package or subpackage.


$ catimports

$ whoimports trosnoth.version

$ python trosnoth
$ kgraphviewer

The generated graph looks something like this:

Import graph for trosnoth

How it Works

As of Python 2.6, the ast module gives us the ability to walk through the syntax trees of Python code.  The tools I wrote use this to find what imports are contained in each Python file.

Getting the Code

I have licensed the code under the MIT license.  If may not download, use, modify or redistribute the code unless you agree to the license.  The code may be downloaded here.

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