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Issue Tracker Gamification

I’ve been playing with habitrpg, which gamifies habit-setting. You have a little character with experience points, hit points and gold pieces. You earn experience and gold for achieving your habit goals. You lose hit points for failing to achieve goals. … Continue reading

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A Whole New Language

I like to dream. Occasionally I dream about what the ideal programming language would look like. Yes, I know, writing a new programming language would involve all sorts of hurdles like convincing people to adopt it, building a community around … Continue reading

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Crazy Idea: Chatting to Your Programming Language

What Is This? Today I’m writing about the embryo of a crazy idea I’ve had. It hasn’t yet passed the tests of usefulness and feasibility. I can’t yet clearly visualise what the implementation of the idea looks like. I’m writing … Continue reading

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That Test Framework

A few weeks ago I dreamt about a unit testing framework for Python.  Well, I’ve put together a proof-of-concept prototype.  What you can do with it: Set up tests and nested test suites Provide per-suite or per-test setup and teardown … Continue reading

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Python Unit Testing

I’ve had to write and maintain Python unit tests both for work and for Trosnoth.  I’ve played around with py.test and nose, and have done a tiny bit with trial (for twisted).  As a result I’ve come up with the … Continue reading

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