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Jesus and the Rich Young Man (One Size Fits All)

“Teacher,” the man replied, “I’ve obeyed all these commandments since I was young.”
Jesus looked at the man, and rose to the challenge.
“Really. You’ve kept all of them?”
“Yes Teacher. My parents taught me to follow the laws of Moses.”
“Ok, well how about this? Have you ever been angry with anyone?” asked Jesus.
“No Teacher,” he replied. “To be perfectly honest, my life has been fairly easy. I’ve never had any reason to be angry.” Continue reading

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Snack, Staple and Story

My friend Dani has recently returned from 5 months in Nepal. One part of her reflections especially stood out to me: What’s hard is watching the Bible go from being a staple to a snack. I’ve come from a place … Continue reading

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That’s What Christians Do

Moving houses can be a lot of work. A month ago or two ago the pastor at my church let us know that a particular couple was moving houses and would appreciate any help. The couple have been coming to … Continue reading

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The Railroad Deity

I was smiling to myself as I strode out of the train station towards work. But I slowed to a stop as a stocky young man who’d been ambling towards me hailed me. ‘Excuse me,’ he said. ‘Could you help … Continue reading

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The Book and The Crisis

Introduction Not long ago I was on SU’s Camp Leaders’ Weekend. It was a great chance to meet leaders from other SU camps, worship God together, get high-quality training, and learn more about God from the guest speaker. One session … Continue reading

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