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Snack, Staple and Story

My friend Dani has recently returned from 5 months in Nepal. One part of her reflections especially stood out to me: What’s hard is watching the Bible go from being a staple to a snack. I’ve come from a place … Continue reading

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That’s What Christians Do

Moving houses can be a lot of work. A month ago or two ago the pastor at my church let us know that a particular couple was moving houses and would appreciate any help. The couple have been coming to … Continue reading

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The Railroad Deity

I was smiling to myself as I strode out of the train station towards work. But I slowed to a stop as a stocky young man who’d been ambling towards me hailed me. ‘Excuse me,’ he said. ‘Could you help … Continue reading

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The Book and The Crisis

Introduction Not long ago I was on SU’s Camp Leaders’ Weekend. It was a great chance to meet leaders from other SU camps, worship God together, get high-quality training, and learn more about God from the guest speaker. One session … Continue reading

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I haven’t planned anything to write about this week.  So here’s the highlights of the last few days: “Going Postal” (Terry Pratchett) performed live at the Brisbane Arts Theatre – a thoroughly enjoyable performance.  Great acting and true to the … Continue reading

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