What was Pyj?

Pyj was an extension to Python based on an experimental software design philosophy. The idea was:

  • every Pyj module represents one function, object or constant;
  • every function call is made in a context, which is represented by an object;
  • functions have easy access to their context object and its ancestors.

Confused? Check out the first article I wrote about it, or all related articles.

Where Can I Get It?

You can access the Pyj source code via bitbucket here. Keep in mind that Pyj was an experiment and I don’t think it has any future.

Project Status

As of Januray 2012, I have no plans to continue work on Pyj. This project taught me a lot about Python’s import-related internals, but I’m convinced that in order for this design philosophy to be useful you’d need a whole suite of development tools targeted at this kind of programming.

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