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PyCon Australia 2012: Saturday

I’m currently at PyCon Australia in Hobart. As I write this, Saturday’s programme is over, and it’s been a great conference so far. A few highlights: Mark Ramm’s Keynote: Don’t waste your life on projects that are going to fail … Continue reading

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Romulus, My Window Manager

About a year ago, I wrote about making your own window manager in Python, and how to extend this to use Twisted as your window manager’s main loop. Around the time I wrote those articles, I also wrote a tiling … Continue reading

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Pygtk: reparented windows responding to size allocations

Today’s post is an obscure technical one that I imagine will be completely irrelevant to all of my normal readers at the time I write this. I write to save someone in the future from the hours of debugging and … Continue reading

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Python Window Manager, Now With Twisted

And Now for the Big Event Loop Last week I wrote about how to create a window manager in Python and posted code for a simple example window manager. The example I posted was about 260 lines long including comments. … Continue reading

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How to Write a Window Manager in Python

Window Manager of Your Dreams I wrote a few months ago about a bunch of different window managers which I’d investigated. In this post, I’ll present the source code for a new, very basic, window manager written entirely in Python. … Continue reading

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