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Using My PC as a Temporary Wifi Access Point

Last weekend there was an electrical storm which took out my wireless access point. My Ubuntu desktop PC is wired and also has a wireless card, so today I set my mind to a temporary wifi solution until I get … Continue reading

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Subclass ’em Functions

Quick Summary I’ve got a simple Python helper class, in the talljosh package, that lets you write things that behave as functions but can be extended by subclassing. But Why? Consider the following Python function, found in json/encoder.py in the … Continue reading

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Again: Broadcom Wireless BCM43224, Ubuntu

Update 2013-02-27: This solution on Ask Ubuntu is much better, because it includes properly packaged things that should update when you upgrade Ubuntu. Update 2012-10-24: The patch is no longer available on Broadcom’s website, but it can be found here. … Continue reading

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Unity Launcher/Sidebar Missing on Ubuntu 11.10

As I mentioned previously, I recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 on a new laptop. Then Unity stopped working. And so did Unity 2D. This is a problem, since those are the only two desktop sessions installed by default with the latest … Continue reading

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Pygtk: reparented windows responding to size allocations

Today’s post is an obscure technical one that I imagine will be completely irrelevant to all of my normal readers at the time I write this. I write to save someone in the future from the hours of debugging and … Continue reading

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